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Welcome to the beauty temple of Mermaid Artistry
Mermaid Artistry is a member of Mermaid Asia Group Ltd; we specialize in manufacturing various beauty accessories. With a team of professional makeup artists and base our brushes production on their knowledge and experience. We have been gathering experience in supplying professional make-up items at a competitive price. Our main lines of products are make-up brushes, cosmetic sponges, mirrors & many others.
Under the help of professional designers, experienced senior staff, improved management system and strong production lineup, we produce make-up brushes of excellent quality, matching specific requirements of our customers which allow them to meet with worldwide approval. In order to expand our business and satisfy the needs of different groups of customers, we are constantly improving the style and design of our products. 
We are well recognized and accepted by a growing number of clients.  We are always ready for new friends and new business opportunities. Looking forward to a higher level of involvement and support of business partners to work together for a better tomorrow!
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